Why on earth would anyone name a company Image Flux?

In 2011, founder Aaron Kaminar decided to take a gamble and break out on his own. The goal: to build a creative services company that would evolve with the ever-dynamic media landscape.

From original concept and design, to motion graphics, visual effects, live action, editorial, interactive and augmented reality, we thrive at the crossroads of all visual media. No two projects are ever the same, and clients come to us when they need someone to solve a uniquely challenging creative puzzle.

Our roster of artists come from a variety of backgrounds, and partnerships with tech logistics companies allow us to scale up or down based on the needs of a project.

It’s difficult to stand out amid today’s media overload. You need content born from the best talent, the most original concepts, and leveraging the latest and greatest emerging technologies.

Media is in flux, and so are we!