Image Flux | Starcraft 2 Projection Maps at BlizzCon 2014 Championship
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Starcraft 2 Projection Maps at BlizzCon 2014 Championship

About This Project



V Squared Labs was commissioned to produce the Starcraft 2 World Championship for the 2014 BlizzCon conference and enlisted Image Flux for support on this ground breaking project.

Spearheaded by lead designer/animator, Aaron Kaminar, Image Flux’s primary role was to create and execute content for a 130ft wide x 40ft tall 3d projection-mapped stage. On a condensed schedule, Image Flux designed and animated six maps which were projected via twenty-four projectors during the live event. All seven maps included animated loops with a resolution of 8320×2480. These impressive illusions were created incorporating in-game assets combined with original 3D models.

BlizzCon 2014 was the largest projection mapped stage in the eSports field with the number one highest pixel count. We are proud to be involved with the success event!

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February 05, 2015

Motion Graphics
blizzcon, motion graphics, projection mapping, starcraft 2