Image Flux | Swarovski Topaz
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Swarovski Topaz

About This Project


Swarovski’s inventive new cut for topaz generates a brilliance in this natural gemstone that is significantly more intense than that of any other topaz available today. Swarovski Gems™’ ultimate mastery of precision cutting achieves 130% more brilliance and leads to more fire and scintillation.

Austrian company Mediasquad’s job was to showcase this revolutionary development by creating an appealing short film that puts the new Natural Brilliance Cut in the spotlight and shows topaz evolving from natural uncut beauty to radiant gemstone.

Image Flux owner Aaron Kaminar worked hand in hand with Mediasquad’s Creative Director Christoph Sitar, to help create a unique intro animation for the film. The work involved building and animating a custom particle system in Maya, to control the growth of the stones as they transition from rough and uncut to Swarovski’s uniquely brilliant gemstones.


March 23, 2013